Opensuse 12.3 KDE Audio Problems

Having issues with audio on my new computer. It has HDMI output and an on-board sound card. KDE decided that it would stop playing sound and grey out all the devices. Arrrgh! Sound is frequently a sticking point with Linux. I use Opensuse 12.3 and this is how I force KDE to take another look at the system config to get sound going again.

I re-named the following files:

  • ~/.kde4/share/config/phonondevicesrcmv
  • ~/.kde4/cache-hostname/libphonon/hardwaredatabase

Renaming them makes KDE regenerate them, that got the devices back for me.

The control of the volume is still a bit flaky. it occasionally deafens me. 🙂


Author: phil

Complex Systems Scientist.