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Slow day parametrising a simulation

Parametrising models is really dull sometimes. Its not so bad if the model runs quickly so that you can crank through it but this one is a bit of a slow one. I just need one more bit of data … Continue reading

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Text Message Alerts

I have long been interested in setting up my computer so that it is possible for it to tell me what is going on via sms messaging. This would be useful for both my day job and also to alert … Continue reading

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Full Trading Platform Built

I have finished building a virtual trading platform. The idea is that this can be used to learn trading algorithms for shares on UK and US markets, and then later be coupled to a real trading platform using an API … Continue reading

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Finally sorted my data…

So I have had programs saving data in a raw form for months. Almost years in some cases. I have finally got my act together and written the programs to actually turn this raw data into nicely formatted data that … Continue reading

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Sentiment Analysis

So, I have been thinking of dipping my toe into the pool of sentiment analysis for a while now. I made the first positive steps the other day. I found a list of positive and negative words on the internet. … Continue reading

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