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New banner picture

I changed the banner picture to one I took of my computer screen. It’s some of the programs/data/output from the programs I have written to gather share price data. I finally got round to moving the scrubbing programs onto my … Continue reading

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ETFS Copper

I sold my Copper ETFS shares today (COPA:LSE). Exchange traded funds are just a vehicle for trading commodities on markets. You don’t buy the commodity itself, rather you buy into a fund which is supposed to buy the commodity. Some … Continue reading

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Making dirs in linux

I sometimes forget how to do stuff so I think I will start writing it down…. Here is how to makes some dirs… make one dir mkdir the_dir make a whole path mdkir -p ~/the/path/of/dirs/to/make make a dir with more … Continue reading

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Take three(ish).

I have launched this site a least three times in the past. I never managed to keep up with it. I think its because I lacked time and wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do with it. Well, this … Continue reading

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