DV and Hi8 Video Decks

I think I¬†already said, I have an interest in video and audio. I enjoy recording and filming things. My interest in all things capturing sound an image extends back to my childhood. Where I loved cameras, and not just what they could do but the physical objects themselves. So now an adult with a bit more money and access to eBay i can feed this obcession. Last week I bought a Sony DV deck, which accepts both DVCAM and miniDV tapes. The unit is great, old school with lights button and knobs. Also an LCD screen that shows the video and a menu. Its a boadcast deck, so well made and solid. I have just bought, but not yet receive, a Hi8 editing deck also a Sony. This also looks awesome, it plays Hi8 tapes but has basic editing fercilaties. My intention is to connect them both to my (one of my) computers. The DV deck has firewire, not sure if my computer does anymore… the Hi8 doesn’t. I will have to connect that either via s-video or component connectors. I am not sure yet, I will need to get hold of some sort capture card. Back to eBay, i will have to get a VCR too.


I have decided to admit that i am addicted to technology. I love it. I like the way it looks, i like the way it smells, and i like messing about with it. This is a fact brought home by my resent eBay activity. I have just bought a Sony digital video deck. Why? I like playing around with video. I am planning to buy a Hi8 deck too. My interest in technology centres around audio and video. These are my favourite things. I have got into film making for my job, and i have always been into photography. This obcession costs me a fair amount of money, but i am running out of things to buy. So thats good. Plus, it’s a hobby and it makes me happy so why worry. I will post some pictures of my expanding kit soon. Maybe both the sound and video kit…