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ZCash Mining With Nvidia Telsa

I have two Nvidia Telsa cards that I use for work, they are good for certain tasks around data mining and machine learning, and I have been interested in trying to use them for Zcash mining. I have a Antminer … Continue reading

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Full Trading Platform Built

I have finished building a virtual trading platform. The idea is that this can be used to learn trading algorithms for shares on UK and US markets, and then later be coupled to a real trading platform using an API … Continue reading

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Sentiment Analysis

So, I have been thinking of dipping my toe into the pool of sentiment analysis for a while now. I made the first positive steps the other day. I found a list of positive and negative words on the internet. … Continue reading

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New banner picture

I changed the banner picture to one I took of my computer screen. It’s some of the programs/data/output from the programs I have written to gather share price data. I finally got round to moving the scrubbing programs onto my … Continue reading

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ETFS Copper

I sold my Copper ETFS shares today (COPA:LSE). Exchange traded funds are just a vehicle for trading commodities on markets. You don’t buy the commodity itself, rather you buy into a fund which is supposed to buy the commodity. Some … Continue reading

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