Computer Spring Clean and Updates

Every now and then you have to take things in hand and sort out computers. Its like spring cleaning, its also about as interesting as spring cleaning. I have recently got a new work computer. Long time overdue, but it was worth the wait. Should prove things massively. So, time for a computer inventory and some sorting out.

Retiring the old work machine means that I have an excellent case for my home server. It also has a much better power supply. The old PSU was having trouble starting all the HD up at boot and I wanted to add another 2TB. The new PSU and case is better, quieter and has enough power.

Possible upgrade to the server is on the cards. I think it would benefit from a new m’board and CPU/Ram. I am thinking a low power Celeron (35W). This would have a two fold effect on power consumption, as it would remove the need for it having a GPU (as it does currently), and the CPU would be less. Its main jobs are backup and music server, so its not over taxed. In the future I think it I will move some database tasks to it.

Current machines:

  • Work: Intel i7 3930K, 64GB, 120GB SSD, 2TB HD.
  • Home WS: 4x Opteron 8360SE, 32GB Ram, 150GB HD, 750HD.
  • Home Desktop: AMD Phenom II 1090T, 8GB Ram, 30GB SSD, 500GB HD.
  • Server: AMD Athlon 4050 (45W), 4GB Ram, 150GB Sys. 4TB Storage.
  • Windows Box: AMD Athlon 6000+, 4GB Ram, 320GB HD.

Possible upgrades. I have 3 500GB HD that I think I will add to the Home WS, I also have an ATI 6850 GPU that could go in that. The Home Desktop could do with a CPU boost, perhaps an AMD FX 8350. The Windows box is long overdue for an upgrade really. I just don’t use it very much at all. I am thinking of moving the GPU out of the WS into it. If I get back into music production then I might upgrade. That or I might save up for a Mac Mini. 😛

Author: phil

Complex Systems Scientist.